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Dress Code Madness

Why do men and women dress differently at work?

I sit at my desk and watch one woman after another parade by wearing sun dresses with open shoulders and sandals. If I were to walk in dressed like these women, I'd be called into  the HR office within days.

Last week, one of these scantly dressed women actually brought in a space heater, in the middle of summer, to place under her desk because the air conditioning was making her cold. Seriously? In Atlanta last week, the temperature was over 100 degrees and this gal has a space heater under her desk. Put on some clothes!

The room temperature is already "jacked up" due to bare legged women complaining. Put on some clothes! I suffer every day needlessly, enduring room temperatures of mid 70s because the women wear beach clothes!

And this is to say nothing of the sexual advantage women exploit dressing down. They walk around with short skirts, butts tipped up due to high heals, and breasts barely covered. But don't comment on it and don't ever insinuate that any pretty woman has an advantage over a guy in slacks, shirt, and tie.

Is it asking too much to ask women to dress like men? To wear pants, shirts, and flat shoes to work? If we are equal, can't we dress equally?

Men, it's time t make a stand. Demand a sensible dress code for all or demand a national work temperature of 72 degrees. Tell women to wear sensible clothes or bring a sweater to work. Get mad about this.

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Reader Comments (1)

Absolutely agree with you on this and that's very annoying as well.

November 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSydney Online

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