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An Open Letter to Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger,

As a avid golfer, I’ve enjoyed watching you play since you won the U.S. Amateur and played your first Masters. With 14 Major titles, you’re undoubtedly one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game.

Like everyone who regularly watches golf, I’ve witnessed your plight and listened to the endless commentary regarding your lack of wins in the last few years. It hurts to see you struggle to find the missing ingredient that will return you to the leader board. 

I don’t know nearly as much about golf as you or your myriad of coaches and critics. But I do know a little about human nature. In an effort to help you find peace and ease your pain, I’d like to suggest the following course of action. I offer this for selfish reasons. I would truly enjoy seeing one of greatest golfers in history finish his career on a spectacular note.

1. Your swing won you 14 majors, more than any other golfer save one. It’s a great swing and certainly good enough to win again. Quit obsessing about perfect swing mechanics. The perfect swing doesn’t exist. Your wasting time chasing a phantom. From the stand point of mechanics, you already have everything you need. Forget about it and grip and rip.

2. Make peace with yourself. You don’t need to prove anything to your fans, your critics, or yourself. You’ve already given a lifetime of great entertainment to the golf world. You’ve achieved the highest goals in the game. You don’t have to win any more tournaments to be great or complete.

3. Resolve to play out the rest of your career for your fans. Sign every autograph, slap every hand. Toss your ball to some kid after every hole and make eye contact with his parent. Occasionally walk under the rope and chat with your fans. Pay attention to, and recognize those of low stature. Connect with your fans as an imperfect human being. I think you’ll be shocked at the positive reaction and the outpouring of genuine love.

4. Reconnect with the love that brought you to the game in the first place. Try to remember the days when you played for love instead of money. Resolve to spread the love everywhere you go. Smile, wave, and mean it. Become the game’s greatest ambassador.


Blane Jackson

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